How It Works

Flowgat has everything you ever need in a Workflow Management System

FlowGat can be installed on-premise, on a desktop or on any cloud platform. FlowGat is easy to deploy and does not require any management after deployment. Multiple users can connect to a FlowGat system deployed on any of these platforms.

FlowGat supports an unlimited number of integrators, connecting as many applications and needed. We have built several integrators and are constantly working on more integrators to support as many business processes as needed. The FlowGat processor, which powers the automation, is capable of talking to as many integrators as provided.

FlowGat’s workflow designer is easy to use and does not require writing any code. You simply select the integrator, enter the needed parameters for the specific action or event, and the FlowGat processors do the rest for you. Check out our demo videos to see how easy it is to use FlowGat and create simple or complex workflows.

Users can create simple or complex workflows in FlowGat, by combining 2 or more integrators. Building workflows with loops, decision constructs, parallel paths, delay switches to automate any business process.

All the connection and other data for connecting between integrators is encrypted and stored. This ensures that systems cannot be compromised using data stored within the FlowGat application

FlowGat systems can be deployed with as many workflow processors as needed. This ensures that irrespective of the number of workflow automations, you are guaranteed that there will always be a processor to execute your process. FlowGat also monitors the state of each processors, and distributes process automation execution evenly between processors.

Add a custom integrator which is specific to your business is easy. FlowGat is built to allow for new integrators to be easily added to the platform, using few lines of code. FlowGat comes bundled with numerous integrators, and users can also add business specific integrators.

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