Experience the Power of 3!

Install On-Premise/In the Cloud

FlowGat is multi-platform and can be installed on-premise as a network application or for a single user, or in the cloud for multiple users.

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Customizable for Any Industry

FlowGat’s huge library of integrators and powerful processor can execute very complex workflows. Custom integrators can be easily added too.


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Easy Interactive Interface

FlowGat’s intuitive workflow designer interface makes it very easy for non-developers to automate business processes quickly, without writing a single line of code!

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FlowGat is the New Face of Workflow Management.

Are You Ready for A Makeover?

Automate Business Workflows. All Industries


Connect all your data, applications, and systems across suppliers/vendors, distributors, partners, and customers to achieve faster production rate and improve supply chains.

Energy & Resources

Initiate and maintain agility and speed in the upstream and downstream sectors to achieve unprecedented efficiency in the oil, gas, and energy industries.

Public Sector

Increase governmental and municipal project delivery speed by connecting all APIs and applications meant for fulfilling citizen expectation and reducing costs and driving innovations in the public sector.

Financial Services

A shift in customer needs and expectations has put a pressure on the financial services firms. Only a firm possessing agile solutions with secure integration of financial services data, applications, customer-centric APIs, and devices can withstand the competition.

Real Estate

Achieve real-time price quotations using property comparison applications that can help prospective home buyers/homeowners make instant decisions to purchase a property in no time.

Health Care & Life Sciences

Patient retention and value-based healthcare and life science services hinge on automated workflows that facilitate better patient data management and healthcare administration.

Media and Technology

New and improved technologies are transforming the media industry, and the winners are those firms that integrate their legacy systems with modern applications, on web and digital platforms.

Industrial & Consumer Products

On-time process management. From production, shelving, inventory, supply chain, and delivery of industrial & consumer products. Increase cost-efficiency and overall product quality and value.


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