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Intelligent Automation

FlowGat is an intelligent no-code business process automation platform built for the non-technical user who needs to automate and streamline their workflows.

Eliminate Manual Processes

FlowGat allows you to integrate and connect your accounting applications such as QuickBooks, Sage, FreshBooks to CRMs such as Dynamics, Zoho, Salesforce, Zendesk to ERP applications such as SAP, Dynamics to eCommerce and 3PL applications such as Savant WMS, FootPrint WMS, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce to applications such as Excel, Email, Gmail, API, EDIsand other business applications, all without a single line of code.

Automation For Anyone

FlowGat was developed to make it ridiculously easy for everyone to build their own automation projects with a simple and intuitive interface. Other automation product requires that you use their cloud environment where you have very limited control over your data, logs and projects.

Ready to automate?

Powerful Automation

FlowGat provides you with a rich and easy drag-and-drop user interface for building and tracking your workflows. Simply install on an on-premise desktop or server, your own cloud environment or let us manage it for you in a few hours, connect all your in-house and web applications without having to worry about firewalls, local agents or your data leaving your organizations walls and watch your productivity increase.

Simple Setup

No need to wait for the IT department to install or configure software, or a developer to build a new process, or unpredictable monthly transaction costs and fees associated with other products, you can start automating today! 

Build intelligent workflows with FlowGat at little cost.

Connect your business processes with FlowGat’s Integrators.

Intelligent Workflows For Any Industry


The manufacturing industry is awash with opportunities for simplifying workflows with automated processes developed in FlowGat.

Creating integrations between ERP systems such as SAP with applications such as Zoho, OSISoft PI system, Microsoft Dynamics and more provides an unparalleled efficiency in supply chain & production processes.

Energy & Resources

FlowGat’s clients in the oil, gas, and energy industries get significant improvements in their processes by utilizing the numerous applications available in FlowGat, connecting them with their custom drilling, monitoring, analytics and design applications to help them become more agile, save cost and increase revenue.

FlowGat supports connecting custom applications with off-the-shelf software, giving users more power to optimize their processes.

Supply Chain

The supply chain industry presents several opportunities for automating various processes.

FlowGat templates can clients integrate sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, shipments, receipts from applications such as Shopify, WooCommerce, warehouse management applications with applications such QuickBooks, Sage, SAP and more.

Financial Services

Financial service organizations will discover that FlowGat provides support for several applications such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Google Sheets, APIs, and more, which can integrate with any financial software.

FlowGat users can integrate and perform complex mathematical and statistical computations using the inbuilt functions in our library with any of the supported applications.

Real Estate

With various applications supported by FlowGat, businesses in the real estate industry can build simple and complex workflows for managing service requests, responding to maintenance requests, sending notifications to renters, home owners, and contractors.

Integrations with applications such as Gmail, Outlook, ServiceTicket, and more can help you achieve digital transformation and save money.

Health Care & Life Sciences

Patient retention and value-based healthcare and life science services rely on automated workflows that facilitate better patient data management and healthcare administration. Build complex workflows combining applications such as Google Sheets, Outlook, Zenesk, APIs with other healthcare software for solving healthcare related workflow problems.

Installing FlowGat on-premise means that healthcare clients can control patient data access and stay HIPAA  compliant.

Media and Technology

Automated workflows in the media & technology industry can be developed using FlowGat, enabling integrations with applications such as Google Sheets, Zoho, APIs, database and more.

Businesses can build automated processes that are triggered by specific actions to run workflows integrating various industry specific applications and improving efficiencies.

Industrial & Consumer Products

From production lines, shelving, inventory control, supply chain, and delivery of industrial & consumer products, FlowGat client can increase cost-efficiency and overall product quality and value by automating processes in their delivery chain.

FlowGat supports integration with various inventory, supply chain and ERP applications that streamline various workflows in your business and saves you time and money.

Application Integrators

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