Automation in Healthcare

Automating processes that lead to quicker patient and insurance billing, richer and updated EHRs, smoother patient experience in the hospitals and emergency rooms and staying HIPAA compliant are some of benefits that healthcare providers gain with automation. Healthcare is one of the most critical industries, and providers have to constantly stay up-to-date with patient information and billing details, therefore having automated workflows that can ensure that doctors and billing associates for example, have all the information they need for diagnosis or billing at the right time is vital.

With FlowGat, healthcare providers can automate manual or error-prone processes needed to move information in real-time from one system to another, collect and process patient data, send billing notifications to patients and insurance companies, schedule appointments, and more.

FlowGat is a very simple and easy to use automation platform, and healthcare providers can create workflows which connects any of the 100+ applications with other healthcare apps all without writing a single line of code. Hospital administrators, accountants, medical billing and coding employees or anyone can easily create and monitor their own workflows to automate their daily tasks which will help them focus on other tasks, reduce errors, and lead to a better healthcare delivery system.

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