Spreadsheet/CSV Automation

Spreadsheets/CSV Automation

Spreadsheet applications are one of the most popular software in organizations and is commonly used for storing, manipulating and analyzing data. From small businesses to large multinational companies, spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, TSheets, Smartsheet and more are very common tools used for manual data analysis and workflows – Many organizations even run critical business processes on spreadsheet\CSV applications which are manually updated daily.

FlowGat provides integrators for connecting all the common spreadsheet/csv applications used in businesses to other enterprise applications, allowing users to create automated workflows for spreadsheets and csv files. From downloading a spreadsheet file via email or FTP, reading the data, transforming the data into other formats to loading into a database, FlowGat has integrators that can perform all these functions in it’s simple user interface.

With the Microsoft Excel integrator (available for only on-premise/desktop installed versions of FlowGat), users can also build workflows that create new spreadsheets or add worksheets to existing spreadsheets,  use the extensive in-built Microsoft Excel functions and formulae to analyze data sets and create charts from the data in the file. Visit our demo page to view a sample workflow integrating Microsoft Excel and functions for daily reporting with an email connector for sending emails.

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