Public Sector

Automation in the Public Sector

Many governments, states, districts and public sector organizations are budget constrained and are always looking for ways to reduce cost and drive up efficiency. Process automation has been identified as a solution to reduce bureaucracy, improve efficiency, save cost and reduce operational waste in various government programs.

With hundreds of processes, the government and public sectors lends itself particularly well to automation using FlowGat. FlowGat provides the work force in this sector, who have different levels of technical skills, with an easy to use and understand application for creating simple and complex workflows for automating various tasks.

In the public sector, solving for problems such as fraud detection, cyber-security, logistics, supply chain, benefits processing and more requires a sound and effective strategy which usually involves using different applications. Having numerous applications in different departments in the public sector introduces the additional complexity that information sharing between departments and systems is slow and error prone, and this is the problem FlowGat solves easily.

Using FlowGat, government and public sector employees can create workflows to connect applications and data created and used by different departments to one another , thereby removing the slow, manual and error prone methods that hitherto existed for moving information from one department to another. This leads to greater productivity, better fraud detection and increased overall efficiency.

Many federal, state and local governments will realize immediate cost savings from automating their manual processes using an easy, intuitive application like FlowGat. FlowGat can be installed on the cloud or on-premise, which means that governments can install FlowGat on their internal servers without fear of losing their data or compromising sensitive information, while providing employees with a power automation platform.

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