Database Workflows

Automation with Database

A database is a collection of data that is organized so that it can be easily managed, accessed and updated.  Database are used for storing data in organizations, and most applications have a database where it collects and stores information for the features in the application. Popular database which include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DB, MongoDB, MySql are used extensively for data storage and retrieval for enterprise applications. Most businesses have workflow processes that need to fetch or store data in database, and this information must be made available to other applications that may not have a method for communicating with databases. FlowGat provides users with a simple yet powerful interface to connect 100+ applications to their applications database.

Organizations can create workflows that connect different applications to any database supported in FlowGat and performs common functions such as execute a stored procedure, insert a new row into a table, select a record from a table and more. FlowGat database integrators are easy to use, and help users create workflows to support integrations with database in any enterprise environment.

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