Consumer Products

Automation in the Industrial & Consumer Products

Efficient and reliable automation processes have significantly increased the value and quality of industrial and consumer products by reducing operational wastage and process downtime, optimizing supply-chains and increasing efficiency. Data from production systems, inventory application and IOT enabled equipment on the production lines have to be connected with other systems to optimize production processes.  Using FlowGat, organizations can connect data from all these systems together on one platform so that data about production, storage, distribution, and delivery of products are monitored in real-time and available to employees and decision makers on other applications.

FlowGat can be used in the manufacturing and production industry to integrate data and applications used in various groups and segments, without writing a single line of code thereby providing employees with a powerful tool to build simple and complex workflow and data transfer processes. This powerful application inter-connectivity leads to increased productivity, higher product quality, reduced production cost and fewer systems and equipment downtime.

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