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If you’re by any means in the business of Business Automation, we need you as a partner.

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Value Added Reseller

Become a value added reseller of FlowGat, and sell a very powerful business process automation software to business all over the world. We are looking for resellers who understand the cost and time savings that an automation application, like FlowGat can offer to businesses.

Integration Developers

We have opportunities for developers who are interested in developing new integrators for other industries, to plug into the FlowGat workflow engine. Our integrators are easy to develop and deploy, and we need developers to help us continue to stay ahead of the competition.

Consulting Partner

Have any ideas or suggestions about specific industries or processes where FlowGat is needed and will make a huge impact in cost and time savings, we will definitely like to hear and work with you to build specific integrators for these industries.

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