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Automation in the Media & Technology

New and improved technologies are transforming the media industry and the winners are those firms that integrate their legacy systems with modern applications, on web and digital platforms. Digital transformation across all sectors of the media and entertainment industry – TV, print, advertising, streaming, animation, gaming, films, OOH, radio and music means that media companies must be able to respond quicker in this dynamic space. Manual workflows cannot be allowed to slow down processes and must be replaced with automated workflows created with a simple and easy to use platform like FlowGat.

For example, media and entertainment organizations can create workflows in FlowGat that connect their social media and streaming applications with their analytics and predictive apps to give them better insight into TV viewer behavior for better ads targeting. FlowGat is extremely easy to use and is a wonderful platform that allows media and entertainment organizations who live in a dynamic space with constantly changing consumer behavior to create simple and complex workflows that connects and moves data across different applications, all without writing a single line of code.

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