Financial Services

Automation in the Financial Services

Financial service firms are witnessing a shift in customer needs and expectations and in-order to improve customer experience, comply with various regulatory and statutory requirements and achieve higher profits, these organizations are embracing technologies and applications that can help them achieve these goals. Banks are using chat bots to interact with customers online, RPA tools to scan loan and mortgage documents, IOT enabled devices for quick check out and payment processing, but connecting the data from these different applications with one another remains a big hole in the workflow chain, and exactly what FlowGat is suited for.

To compete in this age of digital transformation and AI powered devices, financial service organizations must eliminate information silos that exist when data is stored in disparate systems, and lack an efficient way to connect the information with other systems where it can be used to create a better experience for customers, or meet regulatory requirements. For example, financial services can create workflows in FlowGat that can receive signed loan documents from DocuSign, send it to a shared folder in Google Docs, instantly notify the customer via SMS using Twilio of the receipt or status, send an email with Microsoft Outlook to the loan processor immediately, scan the document using APIs for keywords and generate reports all without writing a single line of code.

Investing in FlowGat, which is available both on the cloud and on-premise,  ensures that financial service providers can benefit from lower process costs, increased productivity, streamlined processes and a higher return on investments when they create automated business workflows to support their daily operations.

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