Real Estate

Automation in the Real Estate

In the current disruptive environment, real estate businesses must be able to quickly react to customer, generate sales leads and immediately follow up on sales opportunities. Realtors are tapping into social media and email marketing to advertise properties and generate leads, creating bots to respond to customer questions faster and automating document management workflows which leads to more data and processes for them to manage.

Using FlowGat, real estate companies and realtors can focus on the task of generating leads, selling homes or renting apartments and office spaces, while workflows created in FlowGat can manage other tasks such as sending email notifications to home buyers, responding in real time to renters and property owners and any other workflow they need. FlowGat provides real estate businesses with an easy to use platform for creating workflows that perform various manual and error-prone tasks, and allows them connect 100+ applications with other real estate applications, which leads to increased productivity and higher profit margins.

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