FlowGat has everything you will ever need in a Process Automation Software

FlowGat can be installed on a desktop machine, an on-premise server or on any cloud platform such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and more.  FlowGat is easy to install, requires minimal configuration and is very easy to maintain. Multiple users can connect to a FlowGat system, and start creating workflows connecting various applications in their organization.

FlowGat supports 100+ integrators, connecting various common eCommerce, CRM, accounting, social media and business applications to each other. It also supports decision constructs  such as if-else, foreach, switch-case and do-while. We have built several integrators, and are constantly adding more connectors and templates to support automation for various business workflows. The FlowGat processor, which powers the intelligent automation platform, is capable of connecting as many integrators as needed.

The FlowGat workflow designer is easy to use and does not require a single line code. You can simply select the application integrator, fill in the needed parameters for the action or event, and watch FlowGat do the rest for you. The FlowGat engine kick starts a workflow process based on an event trigger, and then executes all the actions in the order it was setup for the automation. Check out our demo videos to see how easy it is to use FlowGat for creating simple and complex workflows.

For businesses with very sophisticated automation needs, FlowGat enables them create complex workflows by combining as many applications integrators as needed in a workflow. Several decision constructs such as if-else statements, for-each loops, switch-case statements, advanced configuration options and delay switches are also available to for enterprise business process automation.

All connection information and business data used in FlowGat is encrypted and stored in secure formats. This ensures that your data and systems information is safe and never compromised.

FlowGat systems can be setup with a variable number of workflow processors as needed to support several workflows. This ensures that irrespective of the number of workflow automation, processes guaranteed to run because there will always be a processor to execute the workflow. FlowGat provides monitoring on each processor, and can smartly distribute process automation executions and load between processors.

Adding a custom application integrator specific to your business into a workflow process is very easy. FlowGat provides users with 100+ integrations with various applications, and connecting your own custom application helps clients gain a higher productivity with time and cost savings.

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