Automation in the Manufacturing

Modern day manufacturing processes require sophisticated systems integration for connecting data, applications, and systems across suppliers/vendors, distributors, partners, and customers to increase production rates, improve supply chains, reduce equipment downtime and improve productivity. FlowGat’s workflow designer can help manufacturing organizations connect data from their production and manufacturing plants with their supply chain, accounting, data analytics applications in its simple and easy to use platform.

Organizations can create automated workflows in FlowGat to replace manual and time-consuming processes which slows down production and are error prone, with more intelligent processes, which for example, can seamlessly connect their OSIsoft PI system with any other business application.

In addition to automating manufacturing processes to achieve higher production rates, manufacturing organizations must also have digital automation processes in place in order to create a more efficient operation. FlowGat can be used to create workflows to connect 100+ applications with other software used in the manufacturing  sector, all without writing a single line of code, which leads to increased production rate and reduced down times.

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