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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bots?

Bot is an automation. It can be a one to one app integration or a multi-app workflow. Know more about how to create a bot.

What are Premium Apps?

Premium apps require a Paid plan. You can’t use them in the Free plan. You can check the full list of free and premium apps here.

How are Actions counted?

If you have a Bot that is Triggered on a Form Submission and performs 3 actions, creates a contact in your CRM, waits for 5 mins, and sends a welcome email. It accounts for 3 Actions each time it is run i.e, if this Bot runs 10 times in a billing cycle, it accounts for 30 Actions.

What is Auto-Retry?

The auto-retry feature is your safety net against data loss due to bot mis-configuration or API downtime with the apps you use. Sometimes when the bots are running, actions can fail. This causes the Bot to error out, and that data will never get processed. This feature tries to re-run the failed actions. They are re-run up to 6 times, in a span of 24 hours.

Can I cancel or change plan anytime?

Absolutely. You can upgrade, downgrade or fall back to the free plan anytime.

What is data check interval?

Once a Bot is created and turned ON, it keeps checking for new data (as per your Trigger condition). The frequency with which it checks for data is called data check interval. This interval varies depending on the plan. The maximum run interval is 5 minutes. Know more about how often do bots run.

What is Team Account feature?

Team Accounts allow you to bring your team members into an account and have a common billing for all the team members. You can also share Bots with the team and manage them collaboratively.

What are Multi-action Bots?

Multi-action bots allow you to have more than one action in a Bot. They are typically used to create workflows involving multiple applications.

What are Actions?

An Action is something you want to perform in one of your apps. For example, creating a new contact in your CRM or sending an email. In a Bot, everything defined after the Trigger Event is an action. Get more info about Actions here.

How does the Trial work?

Once you choose a Paid plan and start your 7-day trial, you will be able to use all the Premium apps. Your card will be charged at the end of the 7-day trial period. If you wish to stop it, you need to switch to the Free plan before the trial ends.

What is Excess Actions feature?

Excess Actions feature will allow you to go above your monthly Action quota without any disruption to your Bots. You are billed extra for additional usage at the end of billing cycle. Without this feature, all bots are disabled when you reach your quota (after due notification emails at 80% and 100% use).

What happens when I change the plan?

When you change the plan in the middle of a billing cycle, the next invoice will be prorated to account for the unused period in the current plan.

What does Account manager do?

Need an expert to understand your needs, set-up your automation and make sure it is going smooth? Our Enterprise plan provides the same. We deep dive into your data, processes and business objectives to come up with the optimal automation solution, implement them and monitor / fine-tune them on a continuous basis.

What is Data controls feature?

Data controls allow you to set custom data retention policies for your activity data to meet your company’s legal and regulatory requirements.