Energy Sector

Automation in the Energy Sector

For companies in the exploration and development of oil or gas reserves, oil and gas drilling, refining, oil and gas distribution and integrated power space, where workflow processes are usually complex and delicate, having workflows to automate repetitive and complex business processes makes a huge difference in profitability. With oil & gas prices at historically low rates, energy companies can user FlowGat to create multi-functional workflows to consolidate and connect all their web and digital applications into a single, easy to use system with no developer code needed and reduce errors due to manual, time-consuming processes.

Processing data from oil rigs, refinery plants, electricity transmission hubs, or gas and electricity distribution plants in real time while connecting data from these processes to other key applications such as CRM, accounting, pipeline and well design, billing and other applications is fraught with risks due to manual processes and human errors – Such activities benefit immensely from automated FlowGat workflows. With FlowGat, energy companies can easily create no-code solutions to connect these systems with other systems in their domain.

FlowGat can be installed on the cloud or on-premise, which means for companies with offshore drilling platforms or utility companies that operate in areas with poor internet that do not store and expose their data outside their network, FlowGat is the perfect platform for them to create workflows and improve their productivity and the organization’s profitability.

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