IoT Automation

IoT Automation

The Internet Of Things, or IoT refers to the billions of devices around the world that are collecting and sharing data which are connected to the internet. These devices are embedded with sensors and can be found in homes, production plants, equipment, medical devices, cars, trucks, cargo and more. These devices collect and share data which provide insights that lead to cost reductions, efficiency gains, and new business opportunities which means that IoT workflows have become very critical to a lot of businesses.

IoT integration is all about APIs, which can be used to send and fetch data from IoT devices, and providing automated workflows that can harness the powers in that data is what FlowGat can help organizations with. Business can create simple or complex workflows that can connect with IoT devices to send and receive data from or to other business applications. Ensuring that automated workflows are available to process IoT data helps businesses who want to gain the huge benefits of the rich data from these devices achieve the predicted efficiency gains, and these workflows can be designed easily in FlowGat.

FlowGat is designed to be simple to use, and at the same time is a powerful platform for automating business workflows and connecting your IoT devices to more than 100 other applications within FlowGat. FlowGat gives organizations an immense platform to reap huge efficiency gains from IoT data with automated workflows.


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