Welcome to the Age of Automated Workflows and High-Speed Systems Connectivity

FlowGat is a leader in workflow and business process automation. No coding skills or technical knowledge is required to create automation and integration workflows with FlowGat. Automate, integrate, and configure your systems and architectures with utmost ease. FlowGat platform provides and enhances enterprise agility and lightning-speed performance by connecting all applications, devices, data in diverse environments, be it on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid condition.


FlowGat is synonymous with super-productivity, cost-efficiency, timeliness, and effortless automation.

Why FlowGat

Smooth Integration

We offer frictionless and effective enterprise integration for all your apps, data, systems, and devices, irrespective of your architecture type, size, and configuration.

Built for non-techies

No software development resources or skills required. Can’t code, we’ve got your covered.


Secured. Be at Peace

Our Platform is secured, well-encrypted to give you the peace of mind you deserve as you operate confidently in a safe environment that can withstand any malware, spyware, and other attacks.

Effortless Real-Time Collaboration

A chance to automate your entire work processes and migrate your workforce to a platform that supports employee collaboration, better customer service, and more efficient internal and external communication.


Painless Deployment

We design and build automation solutions for diverse clients from scratch, tailored to suit their business or enterprise requirements and address their pain points.


Problem-Solving Capabilities

Test, redesign, and update apps, data, devices, systems at a go! With user-friendly interface, FlowGat streamlines the procedures for identifying problems on any system and resolving them immediately.


An Artwork; A Beautiful Software

FlowGat is a carefully-crafted work of art – aesthetically built for your pleasure with beautiful, easy-to-use and interactive interface.

Hit the Ground Flying

Get started. Faster. Automate your workflows at the speed of light.

Ready to Scale, Go for It

Expand your business operations. Increase your customer retention rate. Increase your revenue and ROI.

Customizable for Any Industry and Technology

FlowGat works perfectly with all technologies and is customizable for any industry.

Supported IntegratorsFlowGat supports all the major apps available. You also have the freedom to integrate any app you have with Flowgat.

Choose FlowGat, Be Happy

  • Create your usual workflows using an easy and intuitive interface
  • No technical or programming knowledge is required
  • Fewer repetitive tasks
  • Integrated workflow
  • Automated document generation
  • Real-time visibility and analytics of business processes

Ready to try FlowGat?