Formstack provides templates for organizations to build forms, surveys, and collect data that can be used in registrations, payments, leads, and customer engagement. This app is positioned to increase workplace productivity.

Common Formstack Workflows

Formstack in Improved Customer Relationship Workflows

FlowGat makes it possible for you to run a well-oiled CRM workflow by feeding the data collected into Formstack into Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho or into accounting systems such FreshBooks, QuickBooks and more, for a more efficient post-payment accounting process.

Formstack in Sales Pipeline Management

The Formstack platform enables businesses to create forms and collect data for potential sales opportunities from users. Benefiting from this information implies that businesses must have workflows in place to push the data into applications such as Monday, Trello, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and more for the operations and sales teams to work on, and with FlowGat, that integration is seamless.


Connect Formstack with other apps in FlowGat


Events are triggers in FlowGat that starts off a workflow process, and the FlowGat processor executes subsequent actions present in the workflow.



Frequently asked questions

With FlowGat, you can design workflows to integrate different applications used in your businesses processes. FlowGat has a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to build simple and complex workflows with zero code to automate or streamline their processes end-to-end.

Compared to other products in the market, FlowGat offers you the flexibility of installing on your desktop, on your own on-premise or cloud server or our own servers, making it very affordable for most clients. No more unpredictable monthly costs, or limited automation processes. You only pay for what you use.

Absolutely not! FlowGat was designed to be a workflow designer for everyone. You can build workflow processes that connects 100+ apps supported by FlowGat, and even your own line-of-business application.  FlowGat provides you with an intuitive platform to build simple and complex workflows and drive efficiency and greater productivity in your business.

Yes, your data is very secure. FlowGat encrypts all the information it collects for connecting to applications in your workflow. Unlike other products, you can have your own instance of FlowGat which means your data will never leave the walls of your organization.

Yes, absolutely. FlowGat offers various models such IAAS, PAAS , SAAS and on-premise service. You can choose what works best for you based on your specific workflows and business needs.

Contact out technical sales team using the button below for us to understand your specific business needs, provide you with a sandbox if needed and you can start automating.

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