Aleric Technologies

Aleric Technologies

United States

Aleric Technologies is a leading IT firm based in New York, United States. We are focused on Web, Mobile, cloud development and building simple and complex workflow automations with FlowGat for connecting any business application.

Our team of expert engineers can help you build any workflow automation on the FlowGat platform, and we will design, setup and deploy solutions to help you meet your business needs. No integration project is too big or small for us. We are familiar with several eCommerce, accounting, payment, warehousing and ERP applications and we will setup automations that are very robust and reliable on FlowGat.

Contact us for all your automation and integration needs, and we will help your business succeed with reliable automations.

Alerictech Services

FlowGat Account Set Up & Management, Complex Workflow Help, Building New Integrations, Custom Development, Automated Lead Management, E-Commerce Implementation, Marketing Strategy, Software Development.

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