6 Workflow Automation Ideas to Streamline Your Online Business

6 Workflow Automation Ideas to Streamline Your Online Business

6 Workflow Automation Ideas to Streamline Your Online Business

With the number of online shoppers increasing these days, it’s not easy to run an e-commerce business. Plenty of e-commerce organizations are struggling to manage their repetitive tasks. So, if you’re also facing such a problem, there’s a way out, and that’s workflow automation for repetitive e-commerce tasks.

E-commerce automation is one of the smartest ways to make your business flourish in today’s competitive market. It’s a continuous effort to streamline and automate business processes. Automating your e-commerce tasks reduces the workload while boosting efficiency, revenue, and vendor satisfaction. Moreover, workflow automation tools allow experimentation and creativity in less amount of time.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the e-commerce automation ideas for increased efficiency.

Top 5 E-Commerce automation processes

If you wish to make your E-commerce business smarter and efficient, here are some e-commerce workflow automation ideas to enhance your business’s efficiency.

1. Vendor onboarding processes

Organizations usually use spreadsheets and e-mail for vendor onboarding and approval processes. This reduces the speed and results in inconsistent data. Workflow automation can speed up and streamline the vendor onboarding processes, thus ensuring consistency and data accuracy. 

2. Purchase order approvals

Using workflow automation tools, you can upgrade tasks that affect decision making such as purchase order approvals from e-mail and spreadsheet combination. Inventory management can be automated based on criteria such as value, category, vendor credit rating, etc. This results in fast and efficient purchases. Moreover, with e-commerce automation, you can also track your purchase orders as you won’t have to flip between sheets and e-mails.

3. Item/ Catalog listing approval

 A lot of approvals are needed when new items or services are listed on your website. It also requires a lot of manpower. Hence, it’s imperative to automate the process of item listing to avoid inconsistencies and boost your e-commerce portal’s efficiency.

4. Refund claims

    Refunds are one of the most common sources of dissatisfaction for e-commerce businesses. When customers make refund claims, it ends up in someone else’s e-mails. In addition, companies handle these processes manually. This might result in wastage of time and efforts and may also affect your brand image when there are delays and inaccuracies in the refunding processes. You can automate this process with workflow automation software.

5. Customer complaints

Processing complaints and feedback manually result in inefficient handling of customer complaints. Also, it may earn you some bad reviews and feedback. Therefore, you must automate this process.

6. Accounting

Accounting of every sales and purchase needs to occur simultaneously. However, it may require a lot of manpower. Moreover, there are possible chances of errors and delays. But with workflow automation software like FlowGat, you can automate it with no mistakes.

In a nutshell, it can be said that workflow automation improves back-office process flows for e-commerce organizations, thus making operations less stressful and more streamlined. It ensures consistency among business processes, eliminates bottlenecks, delays and miscommunications.

With all these advantages, if you’re considering automating your e-commerce workflows, FlowGat is a perfect workflow automation software for you. Sign up for a demo to know the features of the powerful platform.

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