7 Ways Small and Big Businesses Can Use Automation to Get Ahead in 2019

7 Ways Small and Big Businesses Can Use Automation to Get Ahead in 2019

Automation is the future of Business Process Management (BPM) as businesses, small and big, streamline their operations by combining and managing their cloud applications, from email, HR to CRMs, on simple dashboards.  FlowGat, an application integrator, helps business combines all their business applications such as SAP, Zoho, Quickbooks, AWS, Box, Salesforce and lots more using a single, user-friendly platform. To use FlowGat and fully automate your business processes, you do not need to have deep knowledge of computer engineering or coding, in fact, no single line of code is required. Everything you need is displayed on the user-friendly dashboard, which facilitates the process of data management, integration and utilization.

Here are 7 unique ways small and big businesses can utilize the opportunities presented by automation to transform every area of their operations:

  • Better and well-managed marketing: If you want to run a well-oiled and effective marketing strategy, automation will facilitate the processes for you. From data capturing, storage, and analysis, automation will produce better customer monitoring and identification of great leads.
  • Eliminate technology issues: With automation on FlowGat platform, you can eliminate technological disconnect. Every aspect of your business operations will seamlessly connect with one another to produce a satisfactory outcome or result and help you quickly react to business changes.
  • Effective use of APIs: One great advantage of automation for small and big businesses is that they will be able to utilize APIs effectively. These may be internal or external APIs, that connect to various distributed applications with business relevant data and information. When your system has no problem using external APIs, it indicates that you will have to invest in a few on-premise technologies to run your day-to-day business operations.
  • Better employee coordination: In a truly automated environment, such as the one engendered by FlowGat’s easy-to-use Platform, every employee can easily be on-boarded to the enterprise architecture and they can carry out their functions smoothly and flexibly. There wouldn’t be any period of loss of information or data between employees, and the intranet communication will be streamlined using applications or software designed for such purposes.
  • Drive sales: If your business processes are automated, you will not have any problem extracting sales data, CRM insights, leads, prospects, invoices and other pieces of information that may be used in sales proposition and expansion from a system, and feeding that information to other disparate systems. If you want to control the market or industry you are a part of, you should be a leader in data management and that means the information on all your applications and systems should be up to date always.
  • Empower your teams: Irrespective of the size of your business, the best approach to empowering your employees is to give them all the tools they require to perform at their optimal level. Automation connects all the necessary technological dots and provide your teams with the applications or software they need to carry out their respective duties. Your sales, accounting, HR, warehouse, shipping and management teams can all stay informed on the latest information available in your business and each of those departments can react appropriately. From your warehousing systems knowing when a new order is received, to your accounting systems being aware of a new invoice from your CRM system – data integration is a very important piece of every powerful team, and automation is at the heart of that process.
  • Superb support services: When a business system is automated, the support services work like a clock ticking 24 hours a day. Your employees will receive, in real-time, all the support services they require. Similarly, your customers will receive due assistance on time.

It is not an overstatement to declare that the wheel of progress every business needs is automation. Using FlowGat to connect and integrate business applications like Oracle Database, Office 365, QuickBooks, Trello, MySQL, SAP, Zoho, Gmail, Yahoo and hundreds of other applications will no doubt increase operational efficiency. Think of it as a thread that joins different aspects of a cloth-making yarn. Apart from the technical benefits a business can derive from being automated, it can also serve as the conduit through which quality is being passed to the products and services offered by automated businesses.

In 2019, any business that aspires to be a leader in its respective sphere of operation must re-design its business processes and adopt automation in its entirety. FlowGat is at the heart of that revolution.

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