Why Your Business Should Try Google Sheets?

Why Your Business Should Try Google Sheets?

Why Your Business Should Try Google Sheets?

There was a time when all the office work was done manually on a physical paper. But times have changed today. All thanks to the computing and productivity tools that have made the work much easier for employees and organizations. One such tool that has made it easier for businesses to share and store important data in Google sheets. Google sheets integration enables sending real-time responses to sheets. It also allows you to organize and analyze results in the desired way.

Why you should use Google sheets for your business?

It has often been seen that employees spend most of their productive hours in consolidating and analyzing information. To reduce this workload of employees, Google sheets were designed. Google sheets help to easily organize and analyze business and other information at a single place. Some of the reasons you must consider using Google sheets for the business are:

  • Up to date data

Your data is automatically saved when you use Google sheets. This will keep your data up to date. Also, real-time collaboration is possible among different members of the team. The data can be viewed and sorted by different employees of the organization. You can also hide the cells that you don’t want to be viewed by others.

  • Speed up the analysis

Google sheets make data analysis a lot easier for you. It will provide you answers to all your questions. Google sheets also create charts, define formulas, and built pivot tables for you.

  • Data security

The G suite security features allow you to keep sensitive information safe and secure. You have the choice of deciding who can view, edit, or comment on the documents. The disabled options further allow you to restrict the downloading, printing, and copying of spreadsheets. To prohibit access to the confidential information, you can set expiration dates too.

  • Automate and streamline business process

With Google sheets, all the business information is stored in a single place. You are eased from the excess burden of coordinating purchases and other tasks. This makes it easy to automate repetitive tasks and speed up the business processes. Also, using the right formulas, organization, transformation, and calculation of data can be done automatically. You can also import data from other sheets automatically.

  • Collaboration

One of the best reasons for trying Google sheets for your business is easy collaboration. Google sheets allow real-time collaboration with other members of your team. From working independently at different times to collaborative editing at the same time, everything is possible through Google sheets.

What does integration allow you to do?

Google sheets integration allows you to connect Google Sheets with other business apps like QuickBooks, SalesForce, etc for generating impressive reports. It also allows you to easily access and share real-time data.  You can easily define formulas and built charts and graphs. Moreover, Google sheets facilitate the storage of every kind of data from various other platforms. Performing complex actions is quite easy with Google sheets integration.

Using google sheets with Flowgat

It’s significant for businesses to collect and organize their data and FlowGat is one such software that can help in creating and editing spreadsheets data with other business applications automatically. FlowGat allows you to easily connect with other apps, thus helping you to automate the tasks and save time. It also allows you to monitor changes and share data with shareholders. Using software like Flowgat for integrating your Google sheets with other business applications can lead to tremendous benefits both for the organization as well as individuals. This software has the capability to transfer and transform your data allowing you to save your time and resources.