Key features of a highly efficient Workflow Automation Software

Key features of a highly efficient Workflow Automation Software

Key features of a highly efficient Workflow Automation Software

Automating your workflows and business processes can enhance the functionality of your business. Automating various tasks can result in the elimination of paperwork, unnecessary human intervention, and reduction in the bottlenecks. That’s why a large number of companies are embracing automation to streamline their business processes and boost up the productivity.

Effective and efficient workflow automation depends on the tools you choose to automate your workflows. Hence, it is important that the automation software should have the right features because if you choose a tool that lacks some of the key features, it may result in wastage of your time, money, and resources.

Key features of a workflow automation software

If you want to streamline your business processes in a better way, then you need to make sure that your workflow automation software must possess the following features:

  • Zero code workflow creation

No one is interested in having software that involves learning programming to automate their workflows. Hence, it’s essential that the software should result in codeless workflow creation. This is one of the most important features that your workflow automation software should have. If it does not possess this feature, then you need to rely on someone with coding language to automate your workflows and business processes. You should be sure that your software is not complex to use.

  • Seamless integration with other apps

It’s nice to have this feature in your software because workflows are dependent on other processes.  There should be a smooth flow of your sales, cash flows, and other reports from your software to other apps such as calendar, email etc.  The tool you use should seamlessly integrate with apps like SalesForce, QuickBooks, Google Analytics, and others. If your automation software does not have this feature, then it’s just of no use.

  • Notifications and alerts

Your software should send notifications for reminding the various tasks and their completion date to the users. It should also be capable of customizing the notifications and alerts. The software should immediately notify the user when his workflow step is ready, thus helping them to complete their task before the due date.

  •  Specific access control

Workflow automation can result in increased data accuracy. Every workflow might have certain information that is not to be shared with all the users. So the workflow automation software should allow easy assignment of different workflows to the users along with setting up the responsibility of viewing and editing the tasks at each step.

  • Security of data

Since violation of data security is a common phenomenon these days; hence it’s crucial that your workflow automation tool should ensure the security of the data through database encryptions and password protections.

With the best software, workflow automation can be made much more easier and efficient. If you want to have perfect workflow automation software that can make the automation of business processes easy, then FlowGat is the one that can fit your needs.  It can help your business to boost productivity as well as ROI.

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