Build seamless integrations with Google sheets API

Build seamless integrations with Google sheets API

Build seamless integrations with Google sheets API

There was a time when all the business work was done on a physical paper, but the scenario today is completely different. These days the business solutions are created through Google sheets. Well, if you haven’t given a try to the Google sheets, then you are probably withering your precious time in doing repetitive, manual works and losing out your productivity.

Google sheets

Google sheets is an online spreadsheet app that allows the users to create, edit, and share spreadsheets. It’s not just for the consumers but even the schools and businesses also use it for managing their spreadsheet data. The Google sheets API helps in creating rich connections between other sheets and tools. The API allows your apps to:

  • Import, export and format data.
  • Create and format the charts embedded in the sheet.
  • Build and modify pivot tables.
  • Handle conditional formatting.
  • Configure data validation.


What are the benefits of Google sheets?

The sheets API consist of the features that have made Google sheets so successful. This sheet helps in sorting and transferring data quickly and efficiently. The Google Sheets offer the following advantages:

  • Collaboration

Google sheet has the ability to collaborate in different ways. You get the opportunity to work individually while performing real time collaborative editing simultaneously. You can even assign tasks to different people so that they can complete it.

  • Facilitate calculations of larger datasets

One of the misconception regarding Google sheets is that it’s just for small calculations but not suitable for large calculations. However, this is not true. The analysis of larger datasets is possible on Google Sheets. The Google sheets connect you to the Google Big query for larger calculations.

  • Building charts and linking it to Google sites

The G suite presentations are made in the Google slides which is similar to Ms PowerPoint.  The link between sheets and the slides helps in making sure that the charts and presentations are up to date with latest data and calculations.

  • Version control

Have you lost a lot of your work due to crashing of a spreadsheet? If yes, then you surely might have the habit of saving files frequently. But this is not the case with Google sheets.  You can just have a single file with the G suite products. Through “see version history”, you can have a glimpse of the edits made to the file along with the name of the individual who made the change.  Data is saved instantly in Google sheets, thus helping you to get a peace of mind.

  • Seamless linking of sheets with other files

One of the best benefits of Google Sheets is that it facilitates seamless linking of sheets with other files.  So, the data and the information contained in the file will always be linked, irrespective of whether the file got deleted or crashed.

  • Working with plug-ins

The reason why people prefer to use excel is due to the availability of number of plug-ins that are not available on Google sheets. However, Google sheets possess “add- ons” that are wide range functionality which fulfills the role of plug-ins.


Google sheets make it very easy to manage the database needs. Integration of Google sheets API with other apps and tools can further lead to tremendous gains for the businesses as well as individuals. So, if you haven’t started using Google sheets yet, it’s time to give it a try.

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