Integrating Quickbooks With Other Business Applications

Integrating Quickbooks With Other Business Applications

Integrating Quickbooks With Other Business Applications

QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software that is used by businesses all over the world.  It’s used by many small and medium sized businesses for managing their sales, expenses, payrolls, and inventory. It can be said that QuickBooks is the kingpin in the world of accounting.  The software comes in varied types. The first one being the on premise version and the second one is the cloud based incarnation which is the QuickBooks Online.  The QuickBooks online is becoming more popular due to the ability to integrate with other apps and it’s easy to use feature. Moreover, it provides real time views into the day to day sales and expenses of the business.

What is QuickBooks integration?

QuickBooks integration basically means connecting the QuickBooks data with other business applications. Integrating the business applications that you use frequently in your business with QuickBooks allows you to synchronize the different applications and their data. QuickBooks online integration can help you to:

  • Synchronize the QuickBooks data consisting of sales, inventory, accounts to other platforms such as ERP, CRM, Finance etc.
  • Synchronize sales and accounts with sales force.
  • Synchronize QuickBooks data with different third party API’s.
  • Synchronize QuickBooks data with e commerce platforms such as shopify, magento etc.
  • Integrate customers with Marketo.


Components of QuickBooks online integration

There are two important elements of QuickBooks online integration. These are known as Triggers and Actions.  When you want to import data from QuickBooks online to your target system, triggers are used whereas when you want to integrate data from another business application into QuickBooks, Actions are used.

In short, it can be said that triggers are used when QuickBooks is a source application and actions are used when QuickBooks is the target application.


Triggers make it easy to integrate QuickBooks online data with other business applications. In the occurrence of any new activity like creation of a sale receipt or invoice, the data will be automatically integrated with your target application through triggers.

2. Actions

An action describes the steps related to how the data shall be synchronized and transferred to the target location.


In a nutshell, QuickBooks online is a very transparent accounting tool. Moreover, its unique advantage is its capability to integrate with other applications. It tops the chart when it comes to synchronization with other business apps or software’s. On the other hand amazing software like FlowGat can make the integration of QuickBooks with other business applications smoother and seamless. The software possesses impressive features that automatically generate invoices and receipts in the QuickBooks and also keeps the customer data updated. This will enable you to track the payments and streamline your sales process.

You also get the flexibility of exporting and importing data into QuickBooks that allows you to perform your book keeping activities in an efficient way. However, before choosing the best software you should also take into consideration the applications that can be easily synchronized with QuickBooks since there are continuous additions going on in the organization.


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